Drogarati Cave
Drogarati Cave / Αξιοθέατα

Drogarati cave is one of the largest and most attractive geological formations in the region around Sami as well Kefalonia as a whole. It lies a short distance from the cave lake of Melissani and belongs to the same geological region. It was discovered about 300 years ago after a major earthquake caused a section of the cave roof to collapse, revealing what is now the main entrance. The cave descends to a depth of about 60 metres and has an average temperature of 18ο C and the high humidity (90%) common to all caves. According to archaeologists, Drogarati cave is over 100 million years old. The section currently open to the public is only part of the cave complex, which is believed to connect to other caves or cave formations in the region. The roof and floor of the cave are graced with countless stalagmites and stalactites, created by lime deposits in the water that filters through the bedrock above. They grow at an estimated rate of 1 cm over 100 years, and although many have now been broken by earthquakes and human activity they still offer an enchanting sight as one descends into the cave. Drogarati is open to the public throughout the year and due to its exceptional acoustics has even hosted a number of concerts in its 900 sq. metre entrance chamber. It is also one of the few caves where relatively bright electric lighting has been permitted, enabling the visitor to fully admire this marvel of nature’s creation.